6 Comments to Make to Avey Tare at His Just-Announced Record Signing

10/14/2010 2:24 PM |


To hype what is already one of the most anticipated releases left this year, Other Music will be hosting a listening party and record signing for Avey Tare’s first solo full-length, the alligator-inspired Down There, from 5pm-7pm on October 20. Vinyl copies will be on sale that night a whole week early, so you won’t need him to sign your Animal Collective t-shirt or anything else too terribly embarrassing. I made a cheat sheet of things you could say to him, in case you’re prone to anxiety attacks in front of marginally famous freak-folk musicians (or majorly famous freak-folk musicians, if you’re white and live in Brooklyn).

1. Hey, man, nice hat.

2. I was hoping you could explain to me the difference between a crocodile and an alligator. I’ve been told alligators have a more U-shaped snout and make prettier wallets. Crocodiles eat more humans. I’m concerned.
3. I saw your video for “Lucky 1” (see below). I love when that one big triangle eats the little triangle and the alligator’s head appears. Or is it a crocodile’s head?! Either way, inspiring.

4. Seriously, when is Panda Bear’s new album coming out?!
5. Do you ever feel like you got the short end of the stick with names? Those other guys got Panda Bear, Geologist and Deakin. You got Avey.

6. For real, great album. (This is true, so say it genuinely.)

Lucky 1 from Abby Portner on Vimeo.

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