A Wind Farm in Red Hook?

10/11/2010 2:44 PM |


Well this is good: a single test windmill in Red Hook is nearing completion, and if it proves viable, we could see more ancient element-harnessing technology sprouting up on Brooklyn’s blustery peninsula. The wind turbine, built atop a 90-foot water tower, should generate around 4,500 kilowatt hours a year (enough for a single home), which at a $12,500 one-time investment, is pretty good. The project, part of a city pilot program, has generated some pretty intense feelings, at least in the Brooklyn Paper comment section (hilarity after the jump).

Behold the power of wind:

Matt from Carroll gardens says:
How about stop building bird killers and think solar
Oct. 9, 2:51 pm

Joe cane from Carroll gardens says:
And who’s on drugs
Oct. 9, 3:05 pm

frank from red hook says:
Matt from carroll gardens why don’t u go —— yourself ?
Oct. 9, 3:11 pm

frank from red hook says:
Joe cane is I ever see u I’m gunna crack your head rite open
Oct. 9, 3:12 pm

Joe cane says:
Frank I’ll smash your face open
Oct. 9, 3:20 pm

Joe cane says:
Frank you better be ready cause I coming for you
Oct. 9, 3:23 pm

Joe cane says:
Lights out frank
Oct. 9, 3:26 pm

frank from redhook says:
Yeah your a real computer tuff guyyyy ….come down to red hook pjs yill get wit my burner motha ——a
Oct. 9, 3:28 pm

Joe cane says:
Be outside and will see who’s the man see you on 2 nd and hoyt 4.00 pm punk
Oct. 9, 3:35 pm

Joe cane says:
I don’t think you will show chicken ——
Oct. 9, 3:39 pm

frank from redhook says:
Ima come over their and gang bang your moma wit my home boys u punk ——h
Oct. 9, 4:01 pm