Announcing: The L Magazine’s CMJ Party

10/18/2010 3:03 PM |


Take note, friends: This Saturday, October 23, we’re getting in on the CMJ action, albeit unofficially, with an all-afternoon, all-ages shindig at Live at the Pyramids, a new(ish) DIY venue around the corner from Glasslands, which I’m pretty sure is the most happening corner in all of Brooklyn’s music scene nowadays. We got a few of our all-time favorite local bands together for the occasion, matched them up with a few of our favorite finds from Northside, and slapped on a zero dollar admission price. If you allow us a moment to gush, we’ll tell you the lineup includes Sisters, Darlings, Family Trees, Andrew Cedermark, Luke Rathborne and Slow Animal, and that our eyes have little hearts coming out of them just looking at their names. We’re pretty excited about the whole thing.

Come hang out, drink cheap PBR, and see what sweater Mike Conklin decides to wear (unless you’re not 21, then just come hang out and check out Conklin’s sweater). But first! Let’s watch a video of Slow Animal’s “theFUNsun” to help get in the ramped-up, high-energy mood. Gosh, this is a likable song.

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