Beginning of a Skate Park in Brooklyn Heights?

10/06/2010 1:06 PM |

Christian Hosoi

  • Now that, right there, is a skater.

I’m a little bit confused by this Brooklyn Paper story about a refurbished park space (called, unfortunately, “Squibb Park”) in Brooklyn Heights. The author (the indefatigable Aaron Short) seems pretty “stoked” about a new mecca for Heights skaters to practice “landing that killer nollie you’ve been working on” (yes, you!). Ok, cool, more skateparks are always a good thing. But then there’s this:

Right now, the “skate park” is more like a skate space. Flat, multi-colored rubber covers the entirety of the lot, with a few benches here and there and a small bathroom building sits near the entrance.

Droop. Just a “skate space”? With rubber? And a small bathroom building? Meh. Oh but wait! That might not be all! According to the designer of the space, Paula Hewitt Amram, a few more skatepark-like objects will be added, like cement boxes that can double as seats. Woot.

So, ok. Maybe there’s a skatepark in Brooklyn Heights, now, or at least soon. Maybe. (Don’t worry, we’ll be sending over the L Mag‘s resident skaters to road test the spot, so we’ll get back to you.)

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  • Rubber mats do not seem like the ideal surface for landing anything, let alone “killer nollies,” though for slamming I’m sure they are preferable to unadorned concrete.

  • The surface isn’t rubber, it’s an engineered acrylic, the same surface at 12 + A. (known around the world as the smoothest skatepark) The designers and builders of the concrete ledges (to be installed within the month) are Rodney Torres and Joseph Delgado, Since they helped build the Maloof park, it should be pretty proper.
    Paula Hewitt Amram