Brooklyn Architects SO-IL Go Big in China

10/08/2010 9:46 AM |

Flockr by SO-IL

Quietly becoming experts at translating superb ethereal designs into stunning temporary structures, Dumbo-based architecture firm Solid Objectives—Idenburg Liu (SO-IL for short, Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu for long) had a great summer with Pole Dance at MoMA PS1, recently won the Sukkah City design competition in Union Square, and have just completed a giant purple flying saucer/grape in Beijing and Shanghai. The new Koonsian, Kapoorian piece, titled Flockr (pictured), was assembled as the Get It Louder media and arts festival headquarters first in Beijing, then taken apart, moved and reassembled in Shanghai for the event’s second leg. The pavilion’s unique design makes it really easy to disassemble and put back together.

Flockr by SO-IL

SO-IL’s reflective orb is made up of strikingly light and simple materials, which allow light and wind to pass through, giving the structure a shimmering sense of movement. 56 flexible steel poles join a ring on the ground and another that creates the circumference of the roof, bending outwards to give the walls their pod-like curve. The skin of the structure is made up of thousands of panels of tinted mirrors, which are only attached at their tops, which allows them to shake, shimmer and wave in the wind, and admit light without requiring windows in the traditional sense. And since the Flockr is so easy to take apart and move, maybe we’ll even see it in Brooklyn one day… In the meantime, watch all its flickery, shinny action in the video below.