Carl Paladino: Hide Your Children from the Gays!

10/11/2010 11:14 AM |

Carl Paladino

  • “How many of you have given each other hand jobs during your wife’s niddah?”

Carl Paladino has been successful because he articulates the paranoias and prejudices of the 20-percenters, that desperate, muddled mass (about 20 percent of the population) of putatively conservative/libertarian nationalists who are angry and scared about having a black man in the White House, and just want to be able to make jokes about blacks, gays and women again. Paladino, forwarder of racist emails and hater of New York City elites (and his own wife), has been embraced by the Tea Party because he’s been able to say in public the kind of bigoted stuff that (thankfully) over the last 20 years has slowly been marginalized—even stigmatized—under the aegis of the “politically incorrect.” “None of that P.C. bullshit for Carl Paladino! He says what he’s thinking! Tells it how it is! Blacks and gays make me uncomfortable!” How else to explain the (relative) success of such an obviously moronic and hateful candidate?

Well, Carl is at it again. According to the Daily News, here’s Paladino addressing a group of Chasidic Jews in little old Williamsburg yesterday (I couldn’t get into the meeting because I’m too gay-friendly):

[Being gay is] not the example that we should be showing our children. I don’t want brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option—it isn’t. I oppose the homosexual agenda, whether they call it marriage, civil unions or domestic partnership. Marriage is between a man and a woman—period.

[There is] nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual.

And then, on this morning’s Today Show, Paladino was apparently ALMOST TURNED GAY by a bunch of Canadian gays (snowgays) in Toronto this one time:

It wasn’t pretty. It was a bunch of very extreme type people in bikini-type outfits grinding at each other and doing these gyrations and I certainly wouldn’t let my young children see that.

Canadian gays (snowgays)=extreme type people.


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  • He has a point, I suppose, that there’s no reason to take pride in being a dysfunctional homosexual. He’s totally cool with the full functioning ones, though, right? Oh wait, he’s not?

  • What about the dysfunctional NON-gays? They’re no prize, either, so let’s not judge, Mr. Palladino. A wingnut is a wingnut is a wingnut, straight or gay.

  • I agree Mike, those “dysfunctional” gays could use some therapy. I’d love to see our dysfunctional tea-baggin’ candidates seek help as well.