City’s Anti-Geese Crusade Getting Truly Biblical

10/04/2010 2:07 PM |

geese in nyc

  • On the set of “Fly Away Home 2: Geese in the City.”

This is just what happens when a tiny radical minority takes down a plane in New York City: anyone remotely similar is marked for destruction. I’m talking, of course, about Canada geese. After a pack of the migratory waterfowl downed US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River in January 2009 (resulting in 0 deaths), the city retaliated by killing a few extra thousand geese, and then rounded up several hundred who’d settled in Prospect Park and dispatched them to the giant pond in the sky. Their thirst for local NYC goose blooded still not quenched, the Federal Wildlife Services recently announced a plan to get the birds out the city once and for all, Giuliani-style.

Carol Bannermanhe, a Federal Wildlife Services spokeswoman assured the Brooklyn Paper that the agency’s goal “is to manage resident Canada goose populations to achieve an optimal balance between the positive values and conflicts associated with these birds.” “Near airports, this would mean fewer wildlife hazards and risks.”

But the map that accompanies the article (below) suggests that “near airports” really means anywhere within seven miles of the city’s two major air traffic hubs (JFK and Laguardia), which basically covers half of Brooklyn, all of Manhattan save the tip of the Financial District, all of Queens and most of the Bronx. A similar area surrounding Newark International would cover half of Staten Island. The Prospect Park lake where geese killed this summer were taken from is not covered by the JFK “airport protection zone.”

Goose killzone map NYC

The exact number of birds killed this summer and how many will be in the cross-hairs come next summer is unclear, but the NYPD says that three or more geese together in a public place officially constitutes a gaggle, and makes them eligible for questioning.

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  • Where is the environmental impact study? Where is ANY study supporting that resident flocks have the slightest thing to do with air hazard? Hint: You won’t find such a study because: A) they DON’T pose a problem, and B) no study was ever done. Geese actually account for a very VER small percentage of air strikes. But gee, the Feds – the USDA killing squads – sure make a tidy profit killing innocent geese, from your tax dollars. Guess that’s why they’re shoving this ridiculous plot down everyone’s throats instead of using the only sensible solutions to bird-airplane strikes: use of BIRD RADAR and mapping migration routes. Funny, Europe doesn’t have a similar problem – because they use bird radar and map migration routes. The U.S. government that can’t seem to do anything right (health care, economy, endless wars…)now has your air safety in its hands. And their genius solution is killing birds. Yeah. Right. Be afraid. Be very very afraid. And, oh yeah – start taking the bus.