Clinic: Bubblegum

10/13/2010 4:01 AM |





Since 2000, Clinic has released a new album every two years, each one turning a corner in a winding maze through voodoo-esque psych, pop and punk. Their requisite 2010 offering, Bubblegum, takes the caffeinated speed and urgency of their previous work down a notch, almost to the point that if it weren’t for Ade Blackburn’s Thom Yorke-channeling alien croon, you might not recognize them. “I’m Aware” and “Linda” are the pettiest songs of their career—the former, a swing-laden orchestra, the latter, a delicate acoustic lullaby. The kicker is that the best track of the bunch, a compulsive tribal-campfire romp called “Forever (Demis’ Blues),” also comes the closest to resembling their previous material.

Lauren Beck