Don’t Miss This Weekend’s Conflux Festival: Some Suggestions

10/07/2010 10:17 AM |

Urban Speaker

The seventh annual Conflux Festival, a neighborhood-wide show of new media art and mediated happenings and performances, takes over the East Village this weekend, with HQ at the Barney Building (34 Stuyvesant) and 100 or so artists and performances concentrated between Grand Street and 11th Street, with a couple events each in Midtown and the Financial District. So many great events…

Tomorrow, start the festival with a visit to the Urban Speaker (pictured), a mobile loudspeaker in Tompins Square Park that users can activate by cell phone and speak through for up to a minute before their call is terminated. Please don’t use it to scream: “Die yuppie scum!”

All day Saturday and Sunday (mechanics permitting), Marek Walczak and Rory Solomon will be taking groups of 3-4 on 15-minute driving tours of the East Village in the back of a 1985 Chevy Caprice station wagon for a piece titled [nyc][2010]. But instead of looking out the rear windshield, the nostalgia-provoking vehicle will be outfitted with a screen onto which the 3D renderings of travelers’ architectural sketches of the area will be projected, so that you’re effectively driving through whatever version of the East Village you manage to draw from memory.

Wall-sized Space Invaders! Alpay Kasal will be setting up in a vacant space at Wooster and Grand Streets in Soho all day Saturday and Sunday with LaserGames, a laser-pointer operated video game projection system he developed. Finally, everyone will be able to see how good you are at Tetris!

From 11am-6pm on Sunday, beginning at 4th Street and Second Avenue, Michelle Rosenberg and Howard Huang will turn objects, street furniture and other features of the streetscape into speakers by mounting transducer speakers on various surfaces and items. Viewers can participate in the performance/intervention, Local Vibrations, by plugging their headphones into the system for a more intimate experience of how various items and materials transmit sound.

On Saturday at noon Reverend Billy, our former mayoral endorsement, along with colleague Savitri D for a sermon at the Barney Building followed by a walking tour of the East Village. Not necessarily related to new media in any way, I suppose, but hey it’s Rev. Billy!

See the full Conflux schedule of events at the Barney Building and throughout the neighborhood right here.