Edith Zimmerman Leaves NY Mag, Simultaneously Upsets Oversensitive L Mag Staffers

10/22/2010 10:33 AM |


  • Zimmerman, with some of her cooler, newer friends.

Once upon a time, newly ex-NY Mag “clickables” editor Edith Zimmerman worked down here under the bridge at The L Magazine. They were tough times, but good times. So we were sad when Edith went off to Metromix, but ok with it because we knew she would miss us, and regret her decision to leave such a cool office.

And then we were really happy for Edith when she landed a gig at NY Mag‘s Vulture, actually getting paid for her preternatural talent for mining the Internet’s bathos. But now she’s leaving NY Mag, and in her goodbye post she wrote this:

This has been the best job I’ve ever had, without question, and it’s been a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the Vulture team — the coolest, smartest, nicest people I could hope to work with.

Emphasis mine. Really, Edith? WITHOUT QUESTION? Not even a thought? So this is what it sounds like when bearded alt weekly editors cry.

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