Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, My Fellow Frostbacks

10/11/2010 2:06 PM |

Yeah, that’s right, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving, a glorious day on which Canadians come together to celebrate hockey and socialism, punching each other in the face at centre ice and then driving each other to the hospital for free health care, riding around on duct-taped snowmobiles hunting snowturkeys, gathering mapleberries in our toques to distribute to homeless Voyageurs, dancing around in thongs scaring the bejesus out of Buffalonian wingnuts… So, to all you Canucks out there, I wish you Happy Thanksgiving.

And to my American colleagues: I will be taking the rest of the day off to read Al Purdy, listen to Stompin’ Tom (see below, you won’t regret it), and eat beaver tails.

(Btw, ours is older than yours, suckers.)

One Comment

  • oh man, I think Jonny will appreciate this story: at Matador last Saturday I happened to be standing next to this girl who was totally rocking out to Superchunk, I mean the most into it girl in the whole front row by the stage, and somehow we started talking and she tells me she’s from Halifax, Nova Scotia, etc.

    Fast forward two days later I’m in Denver for Sonic Youth, and again I’m standing next to another into-it girl and we start talking and she says she’s from Halifax, N.S and I say wow that is so weird because two days before I met another a girl from N.S. at Matador, and it turns out they probably know each other cause the scene in Halifax is pretty small… Anyway this girl at SY was traveling all around the states for the past month on Greyhound bus, and she had just came from Chicago.

    So, happy belated thanksgiving to Sam, if you see her on the bus she wants to hear your story, and the other girl, whose name I forgot…