Lincoln Restler: “Vito Lopez is Basically Pedro Espada Without the $400 Sushi Habit”

10/04/2010 1:23 PM |

vito lopez

  • Vito Lopez, somewhere in one of the five boroughs (allegedly).

Embattled Brooklyn Democratic Machine Boss Vito Lopez doesn’t even live in Brooklyn. At least that’s the conclusion arrived at by three Daily News reporters who went and staked out the State Assemblyman’s Bushwick home, along with his girlfriend’s Queens condo. (You know, that sounds fun to me, staking out a politician: the donuts, the coffee, the sudoku, the low hot thrum of sexual tension buzzing through a parked Ford Taurus… BUT I DIGRESS). After finding zero evidence of Lopez at his Stanhope Street digs (but plenty of Vito in Queens) the Newsies started asking neighbors some questions, and the neighbors were all like “who?” Seriously:

“I know most of my neighbors, but him I’ve never seen.”
—Oscar Rodriguez, 32

“I’ve never seen him.”
—Patricia Fernandez, 31.

“I’ve never seen that face. Believe me, we sit here, we watch everybody go up and down the block.”
—Jose Torres, 51

Why does this matter? Well, beyond the deeper philosophical problem of any representative not living in the area he represents, it’s actually required in New York, so Vito could be in even more trouble here (though it’s difficult to disprove someone’s residency).

I asked newly minted Democratic District Leader (and non-Lopez allied Brooklyn Democratic reformer) Lincoln Restler for his take on “L’Affaire Sleepover” and he didn’t mince words: “Facing federal investigation, living outside his district, abusing public monies for personal gain? Vito Lopez is now officially Pedro Espada without the $400 sushi habit.”

When asked if he lives in the apartment where he says he lives, Mr. Restler replied, “yes.” No stakeout is (as of yet) planned to verify Mr. Restler’s claim.

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  • why hasn’t the daily news or the new york post staked out diana reyna who really doesn’t live in the district? and lincoln… PLEASE! you don’t live in that apartment.. you just moved out of your mommy’s house to run for office.. look at his voter registration people!!! i love how one-sided the media is!

  • Lopez is the culprit here! He’s the one under scrutiny and rightly so. He’s been slithering through Brooklyn for decades and it’s been business as usual.

    It’s NOT about Reyna or Restler

  • Vito has always been the “straw that stirs the drink”, well this is what happens to the “boss”. I have no sympathy for him. He should have quietly retired with his harem a long time ago. He could have enjoyed his beautiful and large summer home in Peconic with his grandkids more often. Pointing dirty fingers at people that have nothing to do with his current misfortune is just stupid.

    A little something for Vito:

    “”Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles”

  • You know why? Because they are not scumbags like Vito.

  • Interesting reading, when did he become a Latino?

  • This is nonsense and simply factually incorrect. Vito Lopez has worked tirelessly for Williamsburg and Bushwick for over thirty five years! Unlike Espada, who used to represent one district in the Senate then another, Lopez has represented the 53rd for over twenty five years. What’s more, he was a social worker for over a dozen years in Bushwick before running for any elected office. Just this year, Lopez passed the Loft Law helping thousands of loft tenants, and his work over the years has made him a champion of affordable housing.

  • And, to be honest, I find the residency issue an ironic issue to raise from someone that moved into the 50th AD a month before running for office there. While Lopez had worked in Bushwick for years before running for office, Restler, a Brooklyn Heights prep schooler, moved into his district just to run for office. Nice.

  • Also, in doing your research, didn’t you see that Lopez was scheduled for several days of chemo therapy followed by a week of mandated hospital isolation? Wouldn’t you want to spend the week before cancer treatment with the person you love? And don’t you and Restler kind of feel like cold blooded Hyena, laughing and circling political prey, and focusing on such petty gossip the week before someone goes in for life saving treatment at Sloan Kettering?