Local Congressman Brings Opponent’s Ex-Wife To Debate

10/28/2010 3:49 PM |

Ewww, a congressman!!

  • Ewww, a congressman!!

It’s not so much funny as simple evidence of an asshole: Mike McMahon, a Democrat who represents Staten Island and a sliver of Brooklyn in the House of Representatives, debated his 2010 challenger Mike Grimm on Tuesday night and brought along a secret weapon. A plan to salvage the economy? Create jobs? End the wars? Nah, he brought Grimm’s ex, Susan Kim, as well as her father and two brothers, and sat them right in front of Grimm’s podium. (Aides had saved the seats.)

“She looked as beautiful as the day I met her,” Grimm told the Staten Island Advance. “It was a pleasure to see them.”

Whoops, looks like McMahon’s plan was a dud—just like his whole fucking incumbency.

I find Mike Grimm politically abhorrent and would be disappointed to see him in the United States Congress. But I feel a lot worse about Mike McMahon, who has never looked like anything but a coward and a snake. I wouldn’t go so far as to encourage anyone to do something stupid like vote for Grimm (is this why people don’t vote?), but McMahon deserves to lose his seat next week not only for being an awful congressman, but for being an awful human being.

Perhaps the district ought to spend a term unrepresented to think about the terrible decisions they make time and time again.

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