Now Kanye Talks in Tweets; 10 Examples from His Ellen Appearance

10/20/2010 9:12 AM |

Kanye West Tweets

Months ago, when Kanye West first joined Twitter, we noted how the microblogging technology seemed particularly well-suited to Ye’s uninhibited, over-earnest and self-righteous stream-of-consciousness style of speaking. Now, not even three months later, it’s Kanye’s way of speaking that seems particularly appropriate for tweeting. It’s a subtle inversion, exemplified extensively with lines from Kanye’s generally very interesting appearance on Ellen yesterday, after the jump.

4:07, on his internship: “I was really blessed to be able to work at Fendi and intern there. Every day I would walk from my hotel.”

5:04, on his trips to Italy: “Going to Giuseppe, Italy with…Oh I mean going to Rimini, Italy with Giuseppe Zanotti, I get these names mixed up.”

5:12, on his lifestyle during his time away from America: “It was like some real psychedelic, proper rockstar banished from America come pull your life together stuff.”

5:53, on his role in the world: “I’m a soldier of culture, and I realize that no one wants that to be my job.”

6:02, on telling everyone how he feels about certain amazing music videos: “Will I feel convicted about things that really meant stuff to culture, that constantly get denied for years and years? I’m sorry, I will.”

7:17, on getting his lower front teeth replaced with diamonds: “I just thought the diamonds were cooler.”

7:33, still with the diamond teeth: “I used to always clean my jewelry with toothpaste anyway so it works out.”

7:53, also about the diamond chompers: “It’s just certain stuff that rockstars are supposed to do.”

8:13, on his short film Runaway: “It’s a simple storyline about a phoenix that falls to earth, and she crashes on my car and I make her my girlfriend.”

9:20, on his art: “It’s just very important to me to bring the highest form of art to culture.”