Panda-Costumed T-Shirt Designers Flashmob Rob Pruitt Exhibition

10/06/2010 3:23 PM |

Rob Pruitt Panda flashmob at Gavin Browns Enterprise

As our own Paddy Johnson has done a terrific job covering over on her blog Art Fag City, artist Rob Pruitt’s show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise and Maccarone has been at the center of a controversy over Pruitt’s unauthorized and uncredited use of a Threadless t-shirt design by Jimiyo and AJ Dimarucot titled “When Pandas Attack” in his new exhibition, Pattern and Degradation (through October 23). Now, Animal reports that a group of Threadless staff and friends dressed in the panda shirts, and one in a full-on panda costume, visited the West Village show in protest. Pruitt, according to Animal, was there during the silent demonstration and “wasn’t happy.” Is it appropriation? Is it theft? The commenters have their opinions.