Post-Tornado Brooklyn Declared a Disaster Area; Brooklynites Trumpet the Arrival of Terrible, Terrible Federal Aid

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10/19/2010 11:19 AM |


Every so often a poll comes out and reaffirms that Americans take a hard line on bringing down “government spending” in the abstract, but when asked how they feel about specific government programs they pause, and then there’s a whip-cut to an animated fantasy sequence in which they race through Washington D.C. with a shopping cart, yanking down sweet benefits and subsidies from different federal departments like they’re contestants on Supermarket Sweep. This is why Andrew Cuomo couldn’t say how he’d bring down spending last night.

On a somewhat related note, President Obama has declared Brooklyn a federal disaster area [high-fives all around] following last month’s tornado. Some 75% of the $27 million the city spent to recover from damage will be paid by the feds; there’s no word yet on whether individuals and businesses affected by the tornado will similarly be eligible for federal monies. Though I assume many who’re eligible would simply reject this sort of socialism out of hand.,