Proposed Greenpoint Boathouse Would Render Recent Hipster Fashion Merely Practical

10/20/2010 4:11 PM |


  • The author, punting on the Newtown.

I think this would be pretty cool. One of many proposals vying for the big Newtown Creek pollution pay-out is a Greenpoint Boathouse. The plan, from Community Board 1 member Dewey Thompson (WASP!), would see a fully functioning public storage facility for non-motorized craft… So, yeah, one could actually say, “I’m going for a bit of punting on the Newtown,” which would be awesome.

The plan would see a boathouse occupy the ground floor of the Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center at the end of Manhattan Avenue, along with an esplanade connecting the Newtown Creek with a waterfront path going all the way to the South Williamsburg riverfront—which would also be really cool. So, because I’m like a small child when it comes to cool suggestions for public space infrastructure, I say MAKE THIS ONE!!1!

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  • I agree, this is an excellent idea. And I am just as fully excited by the imaginably golden and nostalgia-tinged ebullience evoked by notions of “a bit of punting on the Newtown.” I’m there with you. Very much there. And if they need volunteers to help realize this project, there, too, I will be.

    Although I have been lucky enough to get free sailing lessons on the Hudson (in exchange for French lessons, and I’m still convinced that I’ve never been better paid), and to paddle around in a canoe way upstate in the liminally Vermontian waters around Rouses Point (in a two-person canoe, with a friend swimming alongside to demonstrate how slow we were paddling), it’s been ages since I’ve paddled around in a makeshift little rowboat (which was always particularly enjoyable thanks to the thrill of occasionally sinking a wee bit, as many such craft were more shift than make) or properly rafted, for example.

    So now I think I’ll spend the winter crafting a little craft. Or perhaps a rather large one instead! An Ark, why not? Bring two cases of every species of beer!

    No, really, I think I’ll build a very large raft. It would be for leisurely rides, coaxed along with leisurely oars by leisurely paddlers, perhaps decorated in leisurely wood tones, if in fact wood tones might be considered leisurely.

    And on the fore and aft ends of this raft would be quarter-pipes of the skateboarding variety, making of the raft a floating half pipe. This would be a rather romantic sight indeed, a half pipe floating along the creek with riders skateboarding atop it, perhaps providing the craft with a bit of forward momentum with every well executed blunt to fakie on the fore end, perhaps reversing such momentum with every similar trick executed on the aft.

    With enough beer in tow (again, two cases of every species would be welcome accoutrements), a bit of falling and passing out might ensue, and there could perhaps be a pile of bodies at some point, pallid and writhing and looking in general rather sickly, though maybe majestically so.

    And if so, were a storm to arise on the horizon at just the right time, the boozy crew could organize into a full-blown reenactment of “The Raft of the Medusa” by Gericault.

    And it would be heroic and tragic and sublime and so forth, and one would hope for news thereof to go all atwitter.

    The textual elasticities of variable Romanticisms. I suppose the idea went far asea of leisurely.

    Anyway, you think they’ll actually make this thing?