Save Cardboard and Your Cranium with New Recyclable Paper Bike Helmet

10/08/2010 3:33 PM |

Paper helmet

  • NOT a safe paper bicycle helmet.

Recent industrial design grad from London’s Royal College of Art Anirudha Surabhi hopes to start selling his final year project for a bicycle helmet made of recyclable cardboard, Kranium (not pictured), in a matter of months. He claims the design (pictured and videoed after the jump) is up to four times sturdier than your conventional polystyrene helmet, and more lightweight. Better still, it can withstand multiple impacts, whereas polystyrene helmets have to be replaced after every bump.

Kranium by Anirudha Surabhi

The design features a cardboard grid system, overlaid in a plastic shell and further waterproofed with an acrylic coating. No crash test footage is available yet, but here’s Surabhi’s short presentation of his project at this weekend’s Cycle Show in London.