The ABC’s of CMJ

10/13/2010 4:05 AM |

X-Ray Eyeballs

X-Ray Eyeballs are from Brooklyn, and they sing a song called “Egyptian Magician (Let’s All Get High).” With knowledge of this, you can pretty much guess how they sound: like The Beets on cough syrup.

Young Man

When we heard Frenchkiss signed Colin Caulfield, aka Young Man, on the merits of his YouTube cover songs, we were suspicious. Then we listened to his music. Let’s just say by the time the tribal drumming kicks in at the 1:30 mark of “Up So Fast,” we were sold.

Zachary Cale

Cale has that perfectly imperfect world-weary voice—like there’s a frog caught in his throat, but he has so much wisdom to share, he’s not going to let that stop him from singing. It’s paired with simple, down-and-out folk, subtly shaded by organ and piano.