This New Taylor Swift Song is Basically a Really Shitty Romantic Comedy

10/05/2010 11:44 AM |


Just a few weeks out from the release of Taylor Swift’s big-deal new record, we get to hear its title-track, “Speak Now,” and hooboy, a whole lot of people are really going to like it. It’s a pitch-perfect retelling of that silly old fantasyland cliche about barging into a wedding and stopping it before the I-do’s are exchanged. She does everything she needs to do to appeal to the Julia Roberts/Say Yes to the Dress/Grey’s Anatomy crowd: she insults the bride, she insults the bride’s family, she makes fun of the bride’s dress, all of which is forgiven because she’s, like, standing up for true love or something. She also giggles at one point for absolutely no fucking reason, and it’s infuriating. That said, her voice sounds perfect, and the melody is just crazy. So, in other words, I will have to explain to my mother, sisters, and 8-year-old niece that, yes, I’m very much aware of its charms, but that I’m also sort of troubled by the degree to which it embraces gender stereotypes. Here’s hoping none of them point out that I watch Say Yes to the Dress whenever I come across it and that I may very well have seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Speak Now by PopMusicUniverse


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  • T-Swift has always rocked the gender/romcom/high school stereotypes pretty hard, hasn’t she? It’s nice that she writes her own songs and all, but a lot of what she sings about should creep out people over eighteen or so (please notice me even though you have no discernibly interesting qualities! Hey guess what, I talked to your dad and he told me we can be child brides together!).

    That “I…” and “you…” bit of the melody sounds a bit like “Such Great Heights.” And the rest of it sort of sounds like that Juliet song.