Two Weeks Before Previews, Spider-Man Musical Dancer and Spidey-Double Breaks Both Wrists

10/29/2010 1:52 PM |

Web-Slinging: Its all in the wrists.

  • Web-Slinging: It’s all in the wrists.

This morning both the Times and Post reported that the Broadway blockbuster Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has hit another snag, making this officially the most cursed stage spectacle since the Scottish play: Kevin Aubin, a dancer who is one of several performing the part of Spider-Man in the Julie Taymor-directed, Bono and The Edge-songwritten musical, broke both his wrists performing one of the $60 million show’s stunts. If you know anything about the science behind Spider-Man, you’ll know that most of his power, notably his ability to sling webs, is in his wrists. Despite the loss of a major cast-member, the show is still slated to begin previews on November 14 ahead of a December 21 opening. We wish Mr. Aubin a spidey recovery.