4 Features from Futuristic Films for New York’s Next-Generation Cabs

11/16/2010 3:41 PM |

New NYC Taxis

As you’ve likely heard, Bloomberg is taking the subway fleet approach to revamping the city’s taxis, soliciting proposals from manufacturers—yesterday shortlisted to a possible three: Ford, Nissan and Turkish automaker Karsan, pictured above left to right, respectively—for an iconic new design to be rolled out system-wide sometime around 2014. All three are hideously ugly variations on an ungainly and tall (roll-over prone?) minivan-style design. Is this one of those times when we should just copy the Brits? Better yet, let’s see how Hollywood has envisioned the future of taxi transportation…

Backseat passenger-melting security beams from Heavy Metal (1981):

Polite, credit card-accepting robot drivers named Johnny like in Total Recall (1990):

Womb-like, self-driving designs more akin to private subway cars (Tom Cruise not included, we hope), as in Minority Report (2002):

Minority Report pod car

Retro-futurist Streamline-style floating cabs whose sullen drivers will lead cops on inter-borough chases, just like in the The Fifth Element (1997):

One Comment

  • I don’t think there should be just one approved supplier. What if that one runs into trouble- there won’t be any cabs. The City should approve more than one and require that they be made in the USA!