, the Social Network for Blue Chip Art Collectors

11/22/2010 11:08 AM |

Likened by some, such as Business Insider, to the Pandora of art collecting, is a new New York-based social network and customized recommendations site for top-tier art collectors. The recently-launched web start-up has more than your typical cast of wealthy investors behind it, including Google CEO Eric Schmidt, global art gallery mogul Larry Gagosian, Twitter and Foursquare co-creator Jack Dorsey and dashing Russian art czar Dasha Zhukova. Membership is by invitation only, so I can’t say what the user experience is like, but if you request an invitation you’re asked to fill out a collector survey in which one of the questions is: “What is the typical price range of art you collect or are interested in collecting?”

The low end is “Under $2,000” and the top range is “$500,000+”, and if you try to enter “Under $2,000” you’re informed that this is not a real option, which should give you some idea of the type of people who will be receiving invitations as the site expands. (ArtInfo)