Beautiful James Franco and Anne Hathaway to Host Oscars, Beautifully

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11/29/2010 2:37 PM |


Every year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, mindful of the competition Hollywood faces from cheaper home-viewing options and the distractions of other media, uses the Oscars to remind us how much we love the movies—usually by running montages of favorite clips. “You like movies, don’t you? Sure you do,” is the message underlying these 3-minute compendiums of beloved past winners, or horror films, or historical dramas, or whatever.

But the best advertisement for the movies are movie stars themselves. The best part of the Oscars—aside from the in-memoriam montage, obvs—is the otherworldly beauty and effervescent good-humored charm of major Hollywood stars, who all get together to share inside jokes as they celebrate each other, upon the completion of another successful year of representing America’s most hopefully deluded image of itself. This is why people like watching the Golden Globes: it’s like the Oscars but with stars of film and television getting drunk and friendly, just like us. The Academy seems to have taken note of all this: this year’s Oscars will be hosted by the famous, young, beautiful and frequently smiling James Franco and Anne Hathaway. We predict that they will be very likable.