City Taking Proposals for Bike-Sharing Program

11/23/2010 10:14 AM |

Bike SHaring

Realizing that urban bike-sharing programs are no longer just for Scandinavian socialists, New York City plans to release a solicitation for bike-share proposals in the city today. The Times reports that the open call will likely require proposals to begin with a 10,000 bike roll-out from distribution points in dense business districts from Manhattan below 59th Street to Downtown Brooklyn (more bikes on the Brooklyn Bridge!). New York will be a late-comer to the States-side bike-share scene—despite flirting with a pilot program back in August—with programs already rolling in Denver and Minneapolis and others afoot in San Francisco and Boston. If New Yorkers are anything like Parisians with their Vélib’ bikes, which are used 150,000 times per day, the program will have to expand quickly to meet demand. (Curbed)