Forget YouTube Play, apexart’s COMVIDEO Is the Crowd-Sourced Video Art Show To Vote For

11/05/2010 11:04 AM |

apexarts COMVIDEO competition

Sure, the Guggenheim’s YouTube Play video art competition had celebrity judges, but it also wound up with some very familiar winners. Not so with Tribeca non-profit art space apexart’s COMVIDEO, which has sorted a few months’ worth of submissions and narrowed the field to 124 cut-up, remixed, dubbed and otherwise manipulated broadcast commercials submitted by aspiring and established video artists from 19 countries. The videos go on view at apexart on Wednesday (291 Church Street, through December 22), but you can watch and vote for them all online right now, through January 15.

The top vote-getter receives $2,000 and the top 5 get shown on a public screen in Manhattan. As of writing this the leader by a hair, with a balance of 143 thumbs up, is a satirically grisly Army infomercial titled “Techo Soldiers Promo” (pictured). Much better, despite its lowly 39 votes, is “Quick Rabbit,” a hand-painted version of an old Nesquik commercial, and thematically structured montages like the lippy “felip” and the silky chocolate-shampoo analogy “Possession No2” and the Nerf warfare mashup “Non-Expanding Recreational Foam.” The COMVIDEO contestants are unfortunately un-embeddable, but easily navigable and well worth repeat visits.