Go See the Band Givers This Weekend, You’ll Feel Better About Life

11/05/2010 2:42 PM |


As the story goes, the Dirty Projectors were so impressed after seeing local Louisianian band Givers open their show in Baton Rouge, they invited ’em along as support on their next tour through the East and South Coasts. Those Dirty Projector kids, they know what’s up. Now having just wrapped a tour with Ra Ra Riot, Givers are headlining two gigs in our fair city this weekend: Saturday at Mercury Lounge with a band called Guards, who are impossible to Google, and Sunday at Knitting Factory with our favorite drunkards, Drink Up Buttercup. With their debut LP slated for release early next year, we expect them to be popping up on all sorts of “Bands to Watch in 2011” lists in the next month. It’s a little unfair to boil down their kaleidoscopic sound to a few descriptors, but I guess that’s my job, so, here goes: a hybrid of Vampire Weekend (Afropop, youthful, a way with melody) and, well, Dirty Projectors (strong female vocals, erratic, interesting instrumental interplay). There’s something really smart and uplifting about their music. We found videos to prove it:

“Saw you first” from eliot brasseaux on Vimeo.

Givers Festival International de Louisiane from CtheDs on Vimeo.