Hans-Peter Feldmann Receives Hugo Boss Prize at Guggenheim

11/05/2010 2:00 PM |

Hans Peter Feldmann

German conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldmann, born in 1941 and based in Hamburg, has been hugely successful in Europe for the last four decades, but less so on this side of the Atlantic, until last night when he received the Hugo Boss Prize in a ceremony at the Guggenheim. The $100,000 prize includes a solo show at the Gugg next year, and comes as a bit of a surprise given the comparatively more high-profile nominees against whom Feldmann competed. He’s also the oldest artist to receive the biennial prize. His exhibition in the big spiral ramp uptown, which, to give you an idea, will feature a great deal of appropriated images and objects, slightly altered, thematically organized and otherwise re-contextualized, will run from May 20 to September 5.