L Mag Missed Connections: Did You Write Me a Handwritten Letter? Are You From Jersey?

11/29/2010 12:01 PM |


  • The key to NYC magazine success is wearing your shoes on your hands.

A little bit of housekeeping here:

About two months ago (?) I received a rare thing at the L Magazine offices—a handwritten letter. It was from a nice young man in New Jersey who was interested in getting into the writing game, specifically, I think, the magazine side of things. It was a good letter, and in the end he really just wanted some advice from me, as someone who’s allegedly “made it”—advice I was more than happy to give (uh, be talented and work hard?).

But I put it off. I carried the letter around in my pocket for a few days (it contained the young man’s email) and it eventually ended up on my desk at home, waiting to be dealt with… And now I can’t find the letter. So, if you’re the young man who sent this letter (I believe you mentioned something in it about starting a magazine at… Rutgers?), or know of this young man, please get in touch with me: jonny at thelmagazine dot com. (Also, it would seem, handwritten letters really work.)