Massive Street Art Show in Abandoned Subway Station Revealed

11/01/2010 10:31 AM |

Trustocorp Underbelly Project

Since 2009, curators Workhorse and PAC have been taking some of the world’s most famous graffiti and street artists into an abandoned subway station underneath New York City—possibly in South Williamsburg, or Bed-Stuy—and letting them work through the night. The resulting installation, The Underbelly Project, went above ground in a big way yesterday with a tour for the Times, LTV Squad, Wallkandy, Street Spot, Vandalog and more. Additional views from the Underbelly after the jump.

More impressive than the press is the lineup of artists, including Swoon, Elbow-Toe, Faile, Gaia, Roa, TrustoCorp (above), Skewville, The London Police, Revok, Know Hope, Dan Witz, Jeff Soto and many others.

underbelly project

  • London Police and Swoon (photo from Street Spot).

underbelly project

  • Appropriately creepy work by Dan Witz (photo from LTV Squad).

underbelly project

  • Bits of pieces by Surge, Stormie Mills, Remi/Rough and Gaia (photo from Vandalog).

Pieces by Michael DeFeo, Flo and Meggs (photo from Street Spot).

  • Pieces by Michael DeFeo, Flo and Meggs (photo from Street Spot).

No word on when the rest of us will get to go down there, but keep check the Underbelly Project website for updates.

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