Schools Chancellor Klein Resigns to Become Murdoch Advisor

11/09/2010 4:49 PM |

Sorry, a different bajillionaire offered me more money.

  • Sorry, a different bajillionaire offered me more money.

NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein resigned his post to take a job with News Corp.—specifically, as senior advisor to Rupert Murdoch on “business strategies for the emerging educational marketplace”. (WTF?) In his stead, Mayor Bloomberg named Cathie Black, chairperson of Hearst Magazines—because, apparently, running New York City schools bestows or requires media experience. Is the job just being ringmaster of the (media) circus?

Anyway, Black told the Daily News that “New York has the best teachers in the country.” It seems significant, given that my teacher friends on Facebook started rejoicing almost immediately after Klein resigned. (Like when my high school principal announced she was retiring and all the students applauded.) Why? Well, yesterday, in one of Klein’s last acts, he met with the Staten Island Advance‘s editorial board to bash the teachers. That’s, like, one of his favorite things to do. If it’s true that we’re all “waiting for ‘Superman’,” Klein was, um, definitely not him! Next please.