Travesties: Shoot the Freak Gets Booted from Coney Island, Among Other Boardwalk Faves

11/01/2010 3:56 PM |

Ugh. One of our 50 Best Blocks in Brooklyn is getting shut down: Merchants, including Ruby’s and Shoot the Freak, got letters this morning from giant amusement dicks Zamperla, telling them they have until November 15th to vacate. What the hell’s the point of anything, anymore? Said Shoot the Freak owner Anthony Berlingieri to the Daily News:

“It’s called outright greed. There was enough for everybody in Coney Island, but I guess not for Zamperla. Zamperla wants it all, and not once did they consider all the families who are affected by this, all the people who are now out of their businesses, unemployed.”

RIP lil Freak.

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