UPDATE: Stolen Williamsburg Shelter Dog Reunited with Longterm Companion

11/22/2010 9:39 AM |

Archie and Edith

  • Archie and Edith, together again, just in time for Turkey Day.

Boy, it’s really nice to report some good news on a Monday morning. I told you on Friday about the bizarre case of Edith, a 12-year-old longhaired chihuahua who was stolen out of BARC, an animal shelter in Williamsburg. And as strange as it was to report a dog theft (from a shelter!), the saddest part of the story was Edith’s separation from Archie, a 9-year-old moppy mutt.

Well… EDITH’S BEEN FOUND! I’ve yet to get full details, but apparently lots of credit is due to NYPD Detectives Vega and Randazzo who, according to BARC co-founder Vinny Spinola, “are wonderful, and went above and beyond the line of duty.”