Vintage Pick of the Week: Ferragamo Loafers

11/11/2010 3:33 PM |

ferragamo loafers

No big deal. Just wearing vintage Ferragamo loafers that only cost oh, I don’t know, ten bucks.

And yes, these are actually men’s shoes. Considering the menswear-on-women trend that’s been going on for the past two or three years and doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon, I have no shame in going straight to the source. As a rule, the difference is about two sizes. So if you’re about a size 9 in women’s shoes, you need a 7 in men’s. I’m wearing these with high-waisted jeans, a DIY crop top (which I’ll give a no-fail how-to on next week) and a men’s cardigan—but I feel mighty feminine nonetheless.

To de-masculine these babies a bit more, I’d pair them with a pretty sundress and lacy thigh-highs in the summer or textured tights and a knee-length peacoat in the fall. Get creative. I bought these at No Relation in the East Village, a thrift store which happens to have three sister stores: Urban Jungle in Bushwick, Viceversa in Williamsburg, and Village Style in Alphabet City, all of which are notorious for their super-cheap prices and great selection. There. Now you can shop vintage on Saturday afternoons in the winter without going to the flea market. (It’s getting too cold for that shit. Well, almost.)

No Relation Vintage, 204 First Avenue

Urban Jungle, 118 Knickerbocker Avenue

Viceversa, 241 Bedford Avenue

Village Style, 111 E. 7th Street