Watch This Instructional Video If You Want Your Vote to Count Tomorrow and Also Love Smooth Rock Jams

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11/01/2010 4:54 PM |

You are voting tomorrow, aren’t you? Well.

Since everyone who voted in the primaries this September had difficulty with the new scanned paper ballots, here’s the city’s instructional video on the new ballots, in which average citizens strut through the process step-by-step to a phat score like John Travolta during the opening credits of Saturday Night Fever, a documentary film about the dreams of the working class disenfranchised by glitch-prone optical scanners:

Oh, and here’s the city’s rundown of the two ballot initiatives, so you won’t be surprised and panicked while you try to figure out what it all means right there in the booth and accidentally vote for Captain Lou Albano, for everything. Term limits, you guys!

I remain completely incapable of finding any information on the judicial elections, however.