Williamsburg Watercolor Painter Julie Torres’s Graffiti Case Dismissed

11/18/2010 5:19 PM |

Julie Torres

After a lot of waiting, and multiple court dates, the case against Julie Torres stemming from an arrest in Williamsburg in June has been dismissed. She wrote us one last update, about how it feels to be free.

Today is a wonderful day. After 4 months of court appearances, my bogus graffiti case has been “Dismissed in the Interest of Justice.” This is thrilling for obvious reasons, but most striking to me is that many people advised me to accept a minor charge. Plenty of experienced and well-meaning professionals informed me that the best outcome I could hope for was an ACD (Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal), which comes with a few days of community service and stays on one’s record for 6 months. I was advised to accept the charge despite the fact that, as all agreed, I had done nothing wrong.

According to my court-appointed attorney, the reason my case was dismissed without the ACD was due to the impact of Hrag Vartanian’s Hyperallergic article detailing my case, which got picked up by Gothamist, Gawker, and made its way around the internet via tweets and Facebook shares. Without Hrag’s story, my story would have turned out differently.

That is crazy to me. And scary. And also a little bit awesome. And while I don’t have anything insightful or wise to say about any of this, I can’t help but share the news with everyone I know. And celebrate.

You can celebrate with Julie at the opening of the exhibition PIN UPS: Pop-Up Show at Fleetwing Gallery in Williamsburg, which she co-curated, on Sunday from 5-8pm.

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