A University Science Facility for the Brooklyn Navy Yard?

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12/17/2010 3:10 PM |


Mayor Bloomberg’s new deputy mayor for economic development, Robert K. Steel, wants to attract a major university-affiliated applied-science facility to the city, the Wall Street Journal reports, to create a hub for academia, research and business; the plan is to offer a 99-year-lease on a city-owned site for an institution prepared to establish a science facility with teaching and lab space.

Among the sites listed: “the Navy Hospital Campus at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, development sites on Governor’s Island, the Goldwater Hospital Campus on Roosevelt Island and the Farm Colony on Staten Island.” We thought Steiner Studios was already expanding to the Hospital Campus (pictured; more here), to create a backlot suitable for shooting many Shutter Island remakes—but if, a decade or so hence, a science facility does join the Navy Yard renaissance, I guess we know where young researchers will shop for groceries.