Art Heist That Sounds Funny: Three Swedes Convicted of Munch Theft

12/30/2010 11:57 AM |

Munch Theft

Munch theft—which sounds like one of those Trix-y, Lucky Charms-like, Sugar Crisp-ian cereals wherein a spokes-creature or group of sugar-high children have to steal their breakfast in increasingly hallucinatory cartoon commercials—is the crime of which three men have been convicted in Sweden, where they stole three paintings from the Malmo Art Museum, including one by dorm room poster staple (and really amazing proto-expressionist symbolist painter) Edvard Munch. CBC News reports that the museum hadn’t even noticed the theft until, in October, police found the paintings while investigating another crime. In addition to Munch’s “Two Friends”, which is valued at $1.5 million, the three thieves (only one of whom will serve jail time, a mere six months at that) made off with works by Swedish painters Gustaf Rydberg and Paer Siegaard. Their names, though, don’t lend themselves quite so perfectly to cerealization. (ArtForum)