Beer Jewrnal: JewBaucchus

12/08/2010 1:43 PM |

Loved you in Inglourious Basterds.

  • Loved you in Inglourious Basterds.

Dear Beer Jewrnal,

A note on Jews: not too many of them have been showing up to the Shmaltz Brewing Company‘s Hanukkah events. Speaking as a Jew myself, we can smell each other like fresh kugel out of the oven, and when I arrive at these bars, the He’Brew people are asking me for menorah advice and no one is asking me what my parents do for a living. Like I said, the people who celebrate Hanukkah are way over it by Day 4 and are already looking for what Chinese restaurants are open on December 25th. This solidifies my theory that Hanukkah is to Jews as Patriot’s Day is to Patriots. We acknowledge that it’s there but don’t want anything to do with it after we’ve milked the benefits of leaving work early on Friday and getting some sort of meal out of it. Don’t most people feel that way about the holidays? 

However, I appreciate that Shmaltz is taking that good old-fashioned American Cinco de Drinko spirit and applying it to the most annoying holiday in my culture. It’s time somebody stepped up and made Hanukkah the Festival of Getting Lit anyway. So on it rages, this festival of lights, and the good people at Shmaltz brewing have yet to start nursing their hangovers.

This weekend, drinkers enjoyed free tastings of all the Jewbilation brews at Whole Foods on Bowery, paired with a lovely selection of kosher cheeses served on toothpicks. Later, after everyone returned their newly filled growlers to their houses, the chosen people of partying with Shmaltz donned their best “Jewish” costumes (wigs, nylons and flats for ladies, cozy wool suits for men), and headed to Manitoba’s for some burlesque, beer, and mackin’ like maccabees on the dance floor.

Tuesday’s event was He’Brew Beer night at spring Lounge, featuring a variety of He’brew Beers os well as “Local Jewish Fare,” so, whatever was leftover from the Bar Mitzvah that was at Spring Lounge that weekend. (Greasy pastrami from Katz’s as a pass-around hors de’vours?) Challah!