Ben Greenman’s WikiLeaks! The Musical Ponders the Mystery of Julian Assange

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12/02/2010 4:19 PM |

We picked this one because he looks like hes singing.

  • We picked this one because he looks like he’s singing.

Periodically, our world is thrown into tumult by the type of complex public scandal which can only truly be understood through the medium of musical theater. At such moments, noted writer, editor, pop critic and friend-of-the-L Ben Greenman is there, to spin fact… into lyric!

Today, he addresses WikiLeaks, pondering the motivations of international man of mystery Julian Assange, beginning, in this excerpt, in childhood:

I don’t like how this is going
My curiosity is growing
Come on, tell me. Really, tell!
To not know is a kind of hell

[SALLY and LISA whisper more and then leave, giggling.]

I’ll get you!
I’ll get you!
Don’t believe me?
I’ll bet you!
There will be retribution!
There will be tit for tat!
There will be revolution
I will see to that!

[Enraged and frustrated, JULIAN ASSANGE becomes a hacker. He devotes himself to the unchecked distribution of all information.]