Christmas Week Rolls On, With Captain Beefheart Primers and the Elvis Presley Christmas Album

12/20/2010 11:16 AM |

I am deeply saddened to acknowledge that, despite Jonny’s post just a few minutes ago, I do in fact have some real work I have to get done today. Up until a few minutes ago, though? Here’s what I was doing: I was sitting on my couch, looking at a lit Christmas tree and the gifts wrapped beneath it, while drinking coffee, listening to the Elvis Presely Christmas album and doing some last minute online shopping as my one of my cats, Vern, sat on my lap. Just sayin… it was all really nice.

Next, I’m going to read this “Beginner’s Guide to Captain Beefheart” running over at SOTC, because aside from the requisite dalliance with Trout Mask Replica as an aspiring young music nerd, I am actually nowhere near as familiar with Captain Beeheart, who died on Friday, as I should be.

Then I’m gonna edit some stuff, write some stuff, buy some stuff, listen to Christmas-related stuff (and also the new Destroyer record, which is crazy good), drink some stuff, etc. If I have anything interesting to report, I definitely will do so. I think Lauren has a review of the Weezer show going up in a little while, so you should definitely check back for that.