Deer Tick Release Profanity-Laced Christmas Single

12/01/2010 3:51 PM |


Now that December is officially upon us, we’re free to spend as much of our time as we’d like listening to Christmas music. And here’s some good news: you now have two more very worthy songs to add to your holiday playlists. The lovably raggedy, Providence-based alt-country band Deer Tick have released a two-song single called, awesomely, “Holy Shit, It’s Christmas.” Unsurprisingly, neither song is of the drippy, overly sentimental variety—instead, they’re dirty, broken down affairs that are unmistakably beer-soaked. They’re available on iTunes right now, but there’s no physical release just yet—a bummer for many reasons, not the least of which is the awesome cover art. Record labels, can one of you step up and get this shit pressed right quick? That’d be the best, thanks.