Epic Art Tumblr Documents Making of Sol LeWitt Scribble Mural

12/09/2010 10:41 AM |

Sol LeWitt Scribble mural at Alrbight-Knox Gallery

A year before his death in 2007, Sol LeWitt was commissioned to design a mural for the staircase that joins Buffalo’s Albright-Knox Art Gallery‘s two buildings, and in August a crew of 15 drawers set to work on the massive wall drawing. In the style of LeWitt’s “Scribble” series, the installation looks like a series of metallic monochrome gradients from a distance, but up-close turns out to be a fluctuating web of hand-drawn lines. The crew, or “scribblers,” documented the two-months-and-ten-days process on a Tumblr blog that adds up to a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of contemporary art labor. (TylerGreen, photos by Tom Loonan)