Greenpoint Biker Arrested by Cruel, Moronic, Ultimately-Indifferent-to-What-Makes-Us-Human Bureaucracy

12/03/2010 9:32 AM |


Bike messenger, racer and co-founder of Greenpoint Bikes Pablo Airaldi was arrested last month, and now faces deportation, because of a 10-year-old felony conviction in another state for stealing car parts. When he was 18.

Two years ago, legal permanent resident (since he was nine) Airaldi visited Canada, where border guards briefly detained him and told him that old arrest was a deportable offense. But he thought little of it until the government seized him in November, spirited him away to a facility in New Jersey, and began deportation proceedings.

Thanks Federal government, for protecting our neighborhoods from valued, productive members of our communities!

Airaldi becomes one of the half-million detained immigrants in the country, held in despicable conditions in for-profit prison facilities. We reported on these facilities, at least one of which is within our city limits, in a feature last year, in which one expert described the conditions as “better than Haiti.”

According to the Brooklyn Paper, Airaldi wrote about the conditions of his stay in a letter to friends.

Try to ask for toilet paper and you are laughed at…We go months without feeling the sun, are forced to hand wash our underwear every night because we are only given one pair, go hungry if no one sends us money because the food is not enough and there is a 13-hour span from dinner to breakfast. Men begin to lose their sanity and then you can actually see them slip away, their light getting dimmer and dimmer with each indignity.

We should punish everyone thusly for the indiscretions they commit as 18 year olds.

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  • I admittedly know little to nothing about immigration law, but how can someone be deported for a crime committed as a legal citizen?

  • Just realized he is a legal permanent resident, not a citizen. Sorry for the misread and stupid question.

  • you have them all fooled, nice work grifter. how’s the hunger strike going? did you finally cop some blow? you always have the shittiest blow.

  • Hey you got some facts wrong. He came here when he was 6. His crime was possession of stolen auto parts, not actually stealing them. They in fact belonged to a friend. oh, and btw, crunklebob is a freak.

  • @oompa
    From the Brooklyn Paper story: “…Airaldi, then 18, pleaded guilty to stealing $2,000 worth of car parts in Indiana.” Also per the BP story, that happened in 2000; so if he became a legal permanent resident in 1991 (per BP), that would have been when he was nine (he may have been younger when he entered the country, though the BP story also says he fled South America at the age of seven).

    I’m sorry if this blog post gave you the impression it was a piece of original reporting; it wasn’t. We merely wanted to highlight the absurdity of the case, so we didn’t fact-check the primary news source.

  • I lived with pablo couple of weeks this summer. Sad to hear the news. Here in switzerland a new law will come up that does the same thing. Automatic deportation of non-citizen by committing a crime. And the worst thing is, we could actually vote against it. But the majority of the swiss citizens (53%) wanted that stupid, inhuman law.

  • Here are the facts:
    1- Pablo and his mother entered the United States legally from Uruguay when Pablo was seven years old.
    2- In Feb of 2002 in Indiana, Pablo plead guilty to receiving stolen auto parts at a combined value of $2000.

  • Here are some more facts:
    1-Pablo uses people
    2-Pablo looks for the most vulnerable part of who you are, then strokes it, just to pat himself on the back and let you know he was there and that he can use it for/against you at any time!

  • so because you don’t like him because you feel he used you you are unsympathetic and want to share your pain with the world? That is quite sad.