Help Fund Keepaway’s Album on Kickstarter, Feel Good About Supporting “The Arts”

12/01/2010 4:33 PM |


“Supporting the arts” always seemed like something reserved for Lincoln Center types who wear muffs in winter, but, you know, this Kickstarter thing offers ample opportunities to support bands and other causes without breaking the bank. Like, look here, we just got an e-mail from one of the dudes in Keepaway — you probably know them from that Animal Collective-indebted song “Yellow Wings” that had strangers high-fiving each other this spring — alerting us that they’re asking for help financing their debut LP. The plan is to self-record it next month with Ariel Pink-producer Sunny Levine. Minimum donations start at only $1, going up in intervals to $10,000 (recording an album is expen$ive, yo), with corrosponding incentives at each level.

So, what’s in it for you? Said incentives include getting your name in the album’s liner notes, custom-made art work, plastic bling, an invite to the album release party, Keepaway trading cards (we have no idea), a Keepaway backpack, which we assume is made from hemp, and going out on a date with all three of them. A group date! Like The Bachelor! To check out the details and donate, go here… and check out their plea via video after the jump. In their words: “Help us, help you.”