Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj Are Maybe Probably Playing Somewhere in New York City Today

12/16/2010 2:41 PM |


Lil Wayne, who’s in town for a guest appearance alongside Eminem on SNL this Saturday, recently sent, imagine this, confusing messages over twitter about playing a surprise show in New York this week, before chalking the whole thing up to his account getting hacked into. Well, your friendly neighborhood vegan blogger who knows everything about local music happenings just reported that he and Nicki Manaj, queen of wigs and rapping weird, will indeed be playing “somewhere outdoors in New York City” tonight at 6:30pm for 500 fans as part of an NBC New Year’s Eve taping. So, maybe Times Square? Or Bryant Park? Or your front stoop? Or the east side of Central Park? Or the west side of Central Park? Or outside the Five Guys Burgers & Fries in Park Slope? Or on Bedford Avenue? Or on Driggs Avenue? Or at the Bronx zoo? Or under the arch in Washington Square? Guessing is fun! You try!

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