Local Asshole Pete King To Be Asshole On National Stage

12/20/2010 1:36 PM |


  • Besieged!

Magnificently buffoonish Long Island Congressman Peter King (of the legendarily awesome YouTube videos) is all in a lather about having a congressional hearing on the radicalization of American Muslims and, as the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security (god save us), he’s going to make it happen.

Now, whatever your thoughts on the actual terror threat from American Muslims (which is nowhere near the internal threat in Europe), this hearing is about one thing and one thing only: political theater. As the Daily News very helpfully points out in their article: “Joseph McCarthy was a GOP senator from Wisconsin who led a hunt for communists and their sympathizers in the 1950s that many considered abusive.” True! Also, what a remarkably anodyne way of describing McCarthyism!

King feels there hasn’t been enough cooperation from moderate American Muslims in confronting the “rise” of radical Islam—which, if you consider his treatment of moderate Muslims previously praised by the FBI for actually HELPING, well… yeah. Pete King is an asshole. Obvs, this hearing will be a sad, clownish affront to all those principles that actually make America great (except for the inalienable right to grandstand in front of C-SPAN cameras in search of the perfect populist dogwhistle soundbite).

One Comment

  • Wow! Before the A__hole condemns the messenger…perhaps the new czar of homeless security should plug his own leaks in the state department. If these thousands of communique are so very important; should they not be protected from this kind of exposure in the first place? Should you tidy up your own house before pointing accusing fingers at Wikki-leaks?