MTV Names a Jay-Z Song From 2009 the Eighth Best Song of 2010

12/07/2010 11:25 AM |


Taking further steps to solidify their status as your go-to source for music coverage rather than, say, exploitative docudramas about birth control-averse teenagers, MTV is currently counting down The Top 25 Songs of 2010. This morning, they’ve announced that Jay-Z’s “On to the Next One” has come in at number eight—impressive given the songs it’s placed higher than, including Eminem’s ubiquitous “Love the Way You Lie” and Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” It’s also impressive because the song was actually not released in 2010 at all, but in 2009. Don’t worry, though. MTV knows this, and they have an explanation. Sort of:

First things first: Yes, this song is from an album that came out in 2009. And, yes, it was technically released to radio in December of that same year. No, it didn’t match the chart-topping success of its predecessor, the world-uniting “Empire State of Mind.” In fact, it didn’t even come close. And, frankly, with its leering, inky backbeat and macabre music video, it confounded many of Jay-Z’s most ardent supporters. So why are we still talking about it at the end of 2010? Well, why not?

Right? Why not? Aside from the fact that the song’s centerpiece line, “And fuck that auto-tune, ’cause we on,” dates the song pretty specifically to 2009, when railing against auto-tune was still a meaningful, bold thing to do, well, I guess there’s no reason—except that the song was released in fucking 2009. Whatever, though. I’m gonna go stop the presses on the year-end issue we have coming out tomorrow so that I can officially declare Tommy Roe’s “Sweet Pea” the best song of 2010, because why not?

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