New York Politicians Continue to Be Worst Ever (Vito Lopez Leads the Pack)

12/16/2010 11:07 AM |


  • This 19th-century satirical rendering of infamously corrupt New York City Democratic Machine Boss, William Tweed, actually looks just like infamously corrupt 21st-century Democratic Machine Boss, Vito Lopez.

Hey, look who’s up to no good again? Vito Lopez, that’s who! Along with several other New York State Assemblymen—including Denny Farrell (D-Manhattan) and Jose Rivera (D-Bronx)—thrice-corrupt Lopez is now exploiting a legislative loophole in order to collect a pension ($88,600) at the same time as he collects a state salary ($92,000). Double dipping! Nice work Vito! (I guess once everyone thinks you’re a crook, you might as well get paid as much as possible, right?).

Look, I know New York City has a rich history of greed and corruption (Boss Tweed ftw!), and that this kind of thing goes all across this great nation, but I’m still kind of amazed at the temerity of something of like this, which is so clearly the wrong thing to do, even if it might technically be legal (this is almost worse than all the clearly illegal shenanigans, which at least they have the sense to try to cover up—almost). Not to sound like my maiden Aunt Renata, BUT HAVE YOU NO SHAME, GENTLEMEN? Our local politician fave, Lincoln Restler, agrees with this, and zinged Lopez in the NY Post thusly:

It’s reassuring to see that Vito Lopez has graciously stepped up to fill the void left by Pedro Espada by stealing our tax dollars and abusing our democracy. Throw in the $400 sushi habit and it’ll be like Espada never left!