OMG Henry Stewart is Going to Be in a Play!

12/03/2010 8:46 AM |


Falconworks, a community theater group in Red Hook, runs “Off the Hook,” an annual program in which 11-14 year olds without previous theater experience get an immersive education in the art: they write their own plays in their own voices, which they then produce with the help of theater professionals.

Or, at least, grown ups. Well, does “occasional theater critic” count as a “professional”? Because this year, The L‘s factotum and occasional theater critic Henry Stewart (me!), will participate, taking on two supporting roles in Victoria Murphy’s S’No Drama. That short play, one of several to be performed, is a romantic farce in the mold of a 20s screwball comedy–upon stepping in from the cold, one character remarks, “It’s like Vancouver out there!”–and features a choreographed dance number. But often the work in “Off the Hook” also deals with gritty subject matter straight from the lives of the youth who write it.

Tickets are free; performances are tonight and tomorrow: Friday evening (7pm) and Saturday afternoon (3pm) at P.S. 15, 71 Sullivan St., directly across the street from diner-by-day, bar-by-night, and L Magazine favorite, Hope and Anchor, where more than one of our editors have been found singing karaoke. More info here.